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A podcast about the impact of comics and pop culture on life and society. From roundtable discussions to movie reviews and interviews, we ask the basic question of how comics have impacted people and the world we live in. Hosted by Kevin Stahlecker and Sean Winningham, two guys who live in different parts of the country but united by their love of comics.

Meet The Hosts

Kevin Stahlecker

Kevin StahleckerKevin Stahlecker is a lifelong Texan, growing up and currently residing in the Houston area.

He discovered his love for comics and superheroes during his elementary years at the county library, reading a collected edition of Superman strips from the '40s and '50s during summer break. After that, you could find him on the playground swapping Wolverine trading cards and discussing the latest episode of X-Men: The Animated Series. He spent much of adolescence reading comics of all kinds and drawing superheroes in his spare time, and this greatly influenced his personality as he grew to adulthood.

He has spent the last 14 years as a public educator and uses his passion for pop culture and the visual arts in his roles as an Instructional Technology Coach and Principles of A/V Technology instruction. As a teacher, he is also a vocal advocate for the inclusion of comics and graphic novels in juvenile literacy programs.

Outside of school, he still collects comics, action figures, and trading cards, as well as draws in his spare time. He is also a huge fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero movies/tv shows. He has been married to his amazing wife Catherine for 15 years, and they have 2 children, Madden (age 11) and Caroline (age 5). Together, they love to plan regular trips to Walt Disney World or cosplaying at comic conventions.

Sean Winningham

Sean WinninghamSean resides in Indiana, where he is an online instructional designer and freelance video editor. He has been in the education field for over 13 years. He was first introduced to comics by his uncle when he was young and still remembers to this day reading the first issues of X-Men and Daredevil from his uncle's comic book collection. You can also find him reviewing movies for Comic Watch, a grassroots organization focused on sharing their love for comics and all things fandom by providing the most insightful reviews and honest news in the industry.

In addition to podcasting, Sean is also a video creator and editor. He enjoys creating a lot of fun visual effects (VFX) videos with his son, who enjoys doing them and is a natural at it. You can find these videos on their Instagram account and YouTube channel under the name "Winningham Adventures". 

Sean also spends his time with his wife and son. They love to travel; their favorite places are Walt Disney World and going on a cruise in the Caribbean. He is also a cosplayer; much of his work is usually shared under the podcast's social media accounts.

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About the Hosts

Kevin Stahlecker

Host; the brains behind the operations

Sean Winningham

Co-host, editor, The beauty behind the operations