Why The GlobalComix App Is A Game Changer

Why The GlobalComix App Is A Game Changer

Recently it was announced that some of the comic industry's biggest publishers were partnering with digital reading apps, GlobalComix and Omnibus app, to deliver their content to a wider market of digital comics readers. 

GlobalComix made an appearance at C2E2 and they were gracious enough to allow me as well as KodyCollects and ComicBookStache from Nerd Initiative to check out the yet-to-be-released app to see what the buzz was all about.

Check out our interview and demo videos below.

The demonstration of their app and the features that come along with it is going to be a game changer for readers, creators, publishers, and beyond. After seeing the app in action, I cannot tell you how ecstatic I was about it. Here are some of the features that really make it exciting, in addition to what makes it different and unique:

  • The app will be available for all tablets and phones
  • They will be partnering with Image Comics, Boom! Studios, Tokyo Pop, Archie, and more will be announced in the future
  • It will work with not just comics but also manga, webcomics, and other visual art mediums
  • With Source Point Press, there will be a print-on-demand option
  • Their home page on the app will allow you to find works through publishers, creators, and genres, as well as a browsing/discovery section that has filter options such as free or paid, format/layout, and more
  • Their app will allow creators to link active crowdfunding campaigns to their works so that readers can support them if they want
  • There are a number of ways that the reader can control the layout of the book they're reading, such as portrait mode, pan-and-zoom, double tap for the smart panel, selecting single or double page layout, and can also allow swipe to turn or vertical scroll
  • Users can give reactions and add comments to the comic they're reading, which the creators can access and see in real-time
  • It will allow more monetization options for creators
  • Provides recommendations based on what the user is reading
  • The Library has a "currently reading" section, planning to read, re-reading, and series that you've dropped from your list

After seeing the demo, ComicBookStache had this to say about it:

I sorta see it as a youtube situation. For years movies were everything, and then youtube came out and changed the landscape, it let regular people become filmmakers loved by millions. Thats sorta how i see this app for indie writers

With the shakiness of Comixology and the subpar experience that readers have had, GlobalComix is going to be a major competitor that will entice both readers and creators alike. 

The app is expected to be released later this year.