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The Captioned Life

Welcome to The Captioned Life, a podcast about the impact of comics and pop culture on life and society. From roundtable discussions to movie reviews and interviews, we ask the basic question of how comics have impacted people and the world we live in. Hosted by Kevin Stahlecker and Sean Winningham, two guys who live in different parts of the country but united by their love of comics.

Recent Episodes

Comic Writers & Artists Interviews

#43 Nottingham with David Hazan

Sept. 15, 2021

About the episode Kevin and Sean interview David Hazan, the writer of the comic series “Nottingham” published by Mad Cave Studios. Nottingham is a crime mystery retelling of Robin Hood with twists. This is not your typical …

Guest: David Hazan

#42 Shang-Chi Review

Sept. 8, 2021

About the episode In this episode, the co-hosts and special guest Molly Farnsley reviews the latest movie to be released as part of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Shang-Chi, and The Legend of the Ten Rings.…

#41 Origin Stories

Sept. 1, 2021

About the episode Every character and superhero has an origin story. In this episode, Sean and Kevin discuss their own origin story of how they got into comics, how the podcast show started, and their favorite superhero ori…

Interviews & Guests Comic Writers & Artists Interviews

#40 Everpresent with Molly Farnsley

Aug. 15, 2021

About the episode Kevin and Sean interviews Molly Farnsley, an webcomic writer and artist, to talk about her journey and her series “Everpresent,” a fantasy-based webcomic that she has created. Listen in to learn when Molly …

Interviews & Guests

#39 Free Comic Book Day with Downtown Comics and Space Cadets Collection Collection

Aug. 1, 2021

In preparation for the return of Free Comic Book Day, we talk to local comic shop owners Jen King of SpaceCadets Collection Collection in Oak Ridge, TX, and Michael Costello of Downtown Comics in Indianapolis IN. Listen in a…

Pop Culture

#38 Indy PopCon 2021

July 15, 2021

On this episode of The Captioned Life Podcast, Sean and Kevin discuss their experience at Indy PopCon 2021. It was the first con either had attended in over a year, and the first they’ve ever attended together. They break do…

Recent Blog Posts

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A comic review on the DC Comics series Batman 89, which continues the story from the 1989 movie "Batman" starring Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne.

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Kevin Stahlecker

Host; the brains behind the operations

Sean Winningham

Co-host, editor, The beauty behind the operations

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