Nov. 5, 2020

#22 Second Coming with Mark Russell and Richard Pace

In this episode, James and Sean interview Mark Russell and Richard Pace, the creators of "Second Coming" from Ahoy Comics. We tal…

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May 15, 2020

#18 Eat and Love Yourself with Sweeney Boo

Kevin, Sean, and James sit down for a discussion with artist Sweeney Boo to discuss her new book Eat and Love Yourself. You’ll he…

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March 24, 2020

#15 - A Spider-Man Noir Special With Juan Ferreyra

NOTE: In this episode we do talk about violence and other sensitive material. We interview Juan Ferreyra, a comic artist who ha…

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Oct. 13, 2019

#8 An American Carnage With Bryan Hill

We interview special guest Bryan Hill, a comic author, screenwriter and filmmaker. His current projects include Batman and The Ou…

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Aug. 16, 2019

#5 The Imaginary Voyages Of Edgar Allan Poe With Dwight MacPherson

In this episode, we interview Dwight MacPherson, owner and writer of Hocus Pocus (HP) Comics. We talked to him about how comics a…

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