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#59 We Only Kill Each Other With Peter Krause

May 1, 2022

Dark Horse Comics recently published the trade paperback of the popular comic series We Only Kill Each Other by Stephanie Phillips, Peter Krause, Ellie Wright, and Troy Peteri. Sean and Kevin had a chance to speak to the art…

Guest: Peter Krause
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#58 Villains We Love And Heroes We Hate

April 15, 2022

People always discuss who our favorite heroes are and which villains we hate, but Sean and Kevin decided to flip the script and talk about their favorite villains and the villains they loathe. From Magneto and Bane to Howard…

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#53 ”Maus” & The McMinn County School Board

Feb. 1, 2022

About The Episode Recently, the McMinn County school board in Tennessee decided to ban the classroom use of the graphic novel Maus, which depicts a firsthand account of the Holocaust via anthropomorphic animals. The decisio…