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Come for the guest, stay for the host

Sean is great and he draws fantastic guest. Discovered through TikTok and I try to never miss and episode. I really enjoyed Lauren’s episode. It is so nice to see another Supergirl fan.

You can feel the love!

Sean brings his true passion for the subject matter to every episode. Give it a listen!

A+ comic show

Wonderful reviews and commentary on comics and comic related properties. Sean is a terrific guests who gets the most out of his guests, too. Just a superb show all around here!

I have something you can caption 😉

Are you my appendix? I don’t know what you do or how you work, but I feel like I should take you out.

Great Pop Culture Show!

I highly recommend giving this show a listen! The hosts are fun and knowledgeable with good banter and great rapport with guests!

Fun and Thought Provoking

Kevin and Sean are a fun duo who bring a lot of thoughtful insight to the topic of pop culture. Specifically, the comics, movies, tv shows, and books they discuss make for great content that they use for a fun and entertaining show. Keep it up guys.

Take a listen

Engaging podcast that really keeps you entertained from start to finish. The hosts keep the talk moving and present great content to consume! Check it out! #ODPHpod

Great Quality and Content

Very good quality audio that makes for easy listening, and the content is also top notch! The co-hosts have great chemistry together and are very knowledgeable in their field. I had a blast listening and will be following closely! 6 out of 6 Infinity Stones! 👌👌👌

Love this show!!!

The Captioned Life is easily my favorite comic book podcast. Sean and Kevin really bring an everyman take to comics and pop culture in a way that makes you feel like you're just sitting in on a chat with friends. They bring on stellar guests with unique perspectives on comic creation, and they never fail to make you laugh. This podcast is an excellent choice for any type of listener.

Great podcast!

This entire show is fantastic and a great podcast! Both hosts are great and man, Sean really loves Dr. Strange! 😉. Great show fellas!

Fun and Nerdy!

Just finished the Villains We Love and Heroes We Hate episodes and had a lot of fun. Engaging conversation with some interesting facts thrown in. Be sure to check this show out!

One of My Favorite Podcasts!

The Captioned Life is one of my favorite podcasts! Kevin and Sean have amazing chemistry and sound like they have been friends their entire lives. Their pacing and back and forth with each other and the guests make you forget that they are all in different parts of the country. You can tell they put an incredible amount of work into this, and it shows. A lot of their guests come from sides of the comics that I normally wouldn’t know about. I really enjoy it when Sean and Kevin talk about what they’re reading/watching.

One of the best shows out there.

I started to listening to this podcast on the recommendation from a friend. I listened to their episode on the Worst Dads in Comics and was quickly hooked. The hosts are pretty funny and put a great spin on their topics. They also do well with interviews and give a platform for some creators that I hadn't heard of. The trivia games they play with guests are also fun to play along to as a listener. I really like what their doing, and would recommend it to anyone that like comics, superheroes, and movies.

Love this show!

I love this show and the host are fantastic! I love all things nerd and this is that show. The chemistry with the host is amazing and love that sometimes they bring on guest (kids) to give they’re perspectives. Would definitely recommend this show!

Really engaging guys!

I heard the podcast where you interviewed Molly Farnsley, and now I'm a fan! She was engaging, and you guys are a blast!

I love this podcast!!! Fellow Texans and fellow nerds!! They are so fun and bring the energy in their podcast. A lot of laughs and will continue to listen.