#101 Plague Doctor Press With Mark Bell

Comic book publisher Mark Bell joins Sean in talking about his comic book publishing company, Plague Doctor Press. This week's spotlight is on Outsider Comics.

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Comic book publisher Mark Bell joins Sean in talking about his comic book publishing company, Plague Doctor Press. They discuss how important it is for Mark to have inclusive creators and content for his books, the challenges in starting a comic book publishing company and creating a Kickstarter campaign, and what he hopes for the future of comics.

They also touch on their love for hockey, meeting up at Indiana Comic Con, and what comic books they and the listeners of the show are reading.


Mark Bell is a devoted father, loving husband, a passionate podcaster, comic creator, and dedicated media educator. He is also the publisher of Plague Doctor Press, which has successfully kickstarted and released two books: "S.P.I.R.I.T." and "ZED." With an unwavering commitment, Mark actively cultivates a diverse and inclusive space within the realm of comics.


Outsider Comics is a queer and trans worker-owned local comic book store located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, WA. They cater to comic readers of all ages and experience levels and they are proud to host an LGBTQIA+ inclusive environment.

You can find the latest graphic novels, single issues of comics, zines, and items made by local artists and crafters, gifts, and much more in their store. You can also find a curated selection of our inventory in their online store.



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