#100 The Captioned Life Show Celebrates 100 Episodes!

Sean and former co-host Kevin Stahlecker celebrates the show hitting a major milestone: 100 episodes!

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In a special live recording via YouTube, educator and co-creator / former show co-host Kevin Stahlecker joins Sean in celebrating 100 episodes of The Captioned Life Show. They discussed how the show started, where they’ve gone, and where they plan to go. Sean and Kevin look at how much the show has grown, the most popular episodes by listens, the episodes that they personally loved, and what they loved about doing the show.

They also touch on their future plans of doing a series of “Was It Great Or Were We 8,” what guest they’ve had on that would make an awesome regular co-host, the 100th episode giveaway winner, and what comic books they and the listeners of the show are reading.


Kevin Stahlecker is a long-time comic book and superhero fan, and as a public educator, he is constantly finding new ways to weave his love of pop culture into the classroom. He's also a co-founder and former cohost of the Captioned Life Podcast.



A show for the most casual and dedicated fans of comics. Join Sean as he discovers what the world of comics and graphic novels has to offer from one-on-one interviews with industry professionals, round table discussions with passionate fans, and reviews on the latest comics, tv shows, and movies. New episodes every week. The Captioned Life is a part of the Comic Watch family.