ANNOUNCEMENT: Show Updates - August 1st, 2022

ANNOUNCEMENT: Show Updates - August 1st, 2022

The Captioned Life is undergoing some changes and updates and we wanted to share with you the news. Listen to what is changing, what is staying the same, and what you can expect moving forward. 

Because of these changes, we will be holding off on new episodes until September 6th.

The Captioned Life is undergoing some changes and updates and we wanted to share with you the news. Listen to what is changing, what is staying the same, and what you can expect moving forward. 

Because of these changes, we will be holding off on new episodes until September 6th. 


A show for the most casual and dedicated fans of comics. Join Sean as he discovers what the world of comics and graphic novels has to offer from one-on-one interviews with industry professionals, round table discussions with passionate fans, and reviews on the latest comics, tv shows, and movies. New episodes every week. The Captioned Life is a part of the Comic Watch family.



Hi everyone and welcome back to The Captioned Life. This is your host Sean. If you’re a returning listener thank you for coming back and if you’re a new listener, thank you for joining us. Today is the first of the month, August 1st, 2022, which usually means we have a new episode for you. However, instead of an episode, we have more of an announcement to share with you. 

We started this show in 2019 and a LOT has changed since then. When we first started we had three hosts, Kevin, James, and I, then last year James decided to step away from the show, and for the last year, Kevin and I have been running the show. If you’re a returning listener you know that Kevin and I actually met each other via Twitter which is how we all decided to start a podcast trailer and since then he and I have become best friends, and crazy enough didn’t actually meet each other in person until last year, two years after doing the podcast. 

You probably also know that we do this show on our own dime and time. This is not our full-time job and we don’t get paid to do this podcast. We do it because we really enjoy what we do and what we talk about and we love connecting with all of you and everyone in all of the fandoms we enjoy. So when Kevin and I have been planning, recording, editing, publishing, and promoting the podcasts and our guests, we do it in our free time. 

Now if you’ve ever run a podcast or YouTube show or know anyone that does, you know it takes a LOT of time and energy to do it and to do it well. When we first got into this, this was our first time doing a podcast and we learned as we went, and we’ve learned a lot in that process. 

Recently, Kevin and I had a discussion about where we were in our lives and in with the podcast. If you know Kevin, you know that he’s a great professional in the education field and a great husband and father. Because of this, Kevin’s job requires a lot of hours, and with his kids getting involved with many activities, his free time isn’t what it used to be. 

So he and I had a conversation about the podcast's future and we decided that it would be best for Kevin to step away as a co-host and serve as a guest co-host, joining the podcast whenever he can when time and schedule allows. I’ve seen what his job and life have demanded of him and I completely understand and support his decision about this. So I want to thank Kevin for all that he has done for the podcast to help shape it to where it’s at today and his future contributions as well, and he knows he is always welcome back to the show, whether it’s as a guest co-host or if he’s ready to return as a regular co-host. And this won’t change the fact that we’re still best buds and we are still planning for trips to conventions and Disney Parks in the future as well. 

So - what does this mean for the podcast? 

Well rest assured, the show will still go on. In fact, you can still expect the same great content from the show with only a few changes. 

First, I will still be hosting the podcast, and I plan to make this a weekly show. So instead of two episodes per month, you can now expect a new episode every Tuesday morning. You can still find us on most of the podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pandora, Amazon, etc. and you can also find the video version of our podcast on YouTube as well. 

Second, every episode will have a guest of some sort so that way you’re not just listening to me ramble on about whatever I’m thinking about. I still plan to interview professionals in the comics industry as well as amazing people in the many fandoms that we celebrate, ranging from cosplay to academics who teach comics, popular content creators, and much more. In fact, I already have some great people lined up for future episodes such as John Jackson Miller from Comichron, Danny Quick who is a comics creator that has opened up his own store, studio, and escape room based on his comics, Yasin Muhammad who is an anime content creator, David Hazan to talk about his follow up comic, Nottingham, and honestly a lot more! I’m really excited about what we have lined up for you and I know that you’ll really enjoy all of our guests. 

Third, because this podcast will be weekly, that means that the tv and movie reviews that we used to do as bonus episodes will now be a part of our regular weekly episodes. For every tv or movie review, I plan to have a guest join me to discuss their perspective as well. 

And lastly, because we will be doing this weekly, I am looking forward to having more people on the show, so if you’re listening and you would like to discuss being on the show sometime, I’d love for you to reach out to me so we can discuss. Feel free to contact me on social media look for the username Captioned Life spelled…

Now because of all these new and exciting changes to the show, I will need some time to get this ready. So for the month of August, we will not have any new episodes as I start to make these preparations. I’ll still be active on social media so I won’t be absent there but for the podcast and YouTube channel, don’t expect any new content until September 6th. 

So that is the update. Some major changes to the show for sure, but I’m really excited about what this means for the future and I hope you’re excited about all of these changes as well, minus missing Kevin on the show. 

So thank you all very much for listening - I am looking forward to starting this back up in September. Reach out to me on social media, and take care. (OUTRO MUSIC)