Comics Publishers Partners With Digital Reading Apps GlobalComix and Omnibus

Comics Publishers Partners With Digital Reading Apps GlobalComix and Omnibus

Comixology is best known for its digital reading and distribution service for comic books, where a reader can download free or purchase comics from any participating publisher and read them on its app. Since Amazon bought Comixology in 2014, it has been riddled with criticism regarding how the mega-tech company has handled the service. Many Comixology readers were outraged when Amazon made significant changes to the platform and even more concerned when it announced it was moving Comixology to the Kindle app. When news broke about Amazon laying off nearly 75% of their Comixology service staff, this left a lot of digital comics readers worried about the company's future and their digital comics purchases.

Yesterday, news broke out that two new possible services may change how digital comics readers will be able to read some of their favorite comics. Digital reading companies GlobalComix and Omnibus both announced major partnerships with popular comic book publishers. GlobalComix will partner with Image Comics, Boom! Studios, Archie Comics, and more, and Omnibus will also partner with Image Comics as well as Ahoy, Valiant, TKO Studios, Mad Cave Studios, and more.

Marvel and DC are not likely to partner with these companies due to the fact that they offer their own digital reading app for subscription and per-issue prices.

Watch the TikTok video below to learn more about what this means for these companies and digital comic readers in the near future.


Here are some MAJOR news for digitcal comics readers that got dropped today. Amazon’s Comixology now has major competition with DigitalComix and Omnibus app. They now have partnerships with Image Comics, Boom Studios, Valiant, and more.

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